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Swisstech has partnered with Verkada to bring top-quality access control to our clients. Some key features of Verkada's access control include its proprietary Visitor Management System (VMS), License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Person of Interest (POI) detection technology. Read on to find out more about the products we are most excited about.

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Workplace - Guest

Visitor Management System

Verkada Guest simplifies visitor management, enhancing security and convenience. Streamline check-ins, monitor guests, and create a safe and welcoming environment with ease. Read more...

Workplace - Mailroom

Mail Management System

Verkada Mailroom optimizes mail handling. Streamline package tracking, enhance communication, and ensure efficient mailroom operations for a seamless and organized workplace experience. Read more...


Verkada Intercom System

Verkada Intercom revolutionizes communication. Experience seamless and secure audio and video interactions, enhancing access control and convenience for a connected and efficient environment. Read more...

CB52 - Camera

License Plate Recognition

Verkada's CB52 provides high-quality, intelligent video monitoring for enhanced security ensuring a safer and protected environment. It utilises LPR technology to manage access to parking areas. Read more...

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